Delicious Ideas

  • Antibacterial Soaps and Their Risks

    We are always looking for those products which we feel will add to our skin’s health and beauty, sometimes being unaware of the ingredients they contain and of the harm these ingredients can cause....
  • Why Bother Buying Handmade Soap?

    Just imagine yourself walking through the isle of your local supermarket’s cosmetics section where you can buy a regular bar of soap for a dollar. Why would anyone bother buying soap from a higher costing artisan soap maker?
  • Could Your Soap Be Damaging The Rainforests?

    Palm oil is made from the fruits of trees called African oil palms. From these trees come palm oil which is used in everything from soaps, cosmetics, biofuels, candles and detergents – the list goes on and on.
  • Is there a natural soap for dry and sensitive skin?

    You suffer from dry or sensitive skin. Depending on the time of year and the weather conditions you know your skin will not look or feel its best, so you’re trying to find a soap which will moisturise your skin while still leaving it looking vibrant and fresh. You go to the shop or pharmacy to find something, but looki...