Antibacterial Soaps and Their Risks

We are always looking for those products which we feel will add to our skin’s health and beauty, sometimes being unaware of the ingredients they contain and of the harm these ingredients can cause. That is why with Donnta products, we want, first and foremost, to provide skincare and beauty products which contain only natural ingredients which work in balance with your skin. We want to work in harmony with nature and use ingredients which come directly from nature.

The overuse of antibacterial soaps and lotions has been found to be contributing to the resistance of some bacteria against antibiotics and just this week at the prestigious LLNL lab, research was presented to show how exposure to the chemical triclocarban (TCC), which is a commonly added antibacterial/antimicrobial agent used in personal care products such as soaps and lotions, can transfer from mother to offspring and interfere with lipid metabolism. LLNL biologist Heather Enright, the lead author of the paper, said that “Early life exposure to TCC has the potential to cause irreversible outcomes due to the fragile nature of organ systems and protective mechanisms in developing offspring.”

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