Why Bother Buying Handmade Soap?

Just imagine yourself walking through the isle of your local supermarket’s cosmetics section where you can buy a regular bar of soap for a dollar, a pound or a euro. Why would anyone bother buying soap from a higher costing artisan soap maker, rather than buying a cheap product from a supermarket chain? If you ask around or search online for “natural handmade soaps” you’ll get the standard answer:

  • well, it’s chemical-free and good for you

While correct, but being however a customer who is ecologically aware and knowledgeable, there’s more to this story;

Handmade soaps need to offer something different to what usual soaps can. Natural soaps deliver excellent quality and cleansing abilities that comes straight from mother earth’s gentle gifts. Now, most assume that only “hippies” would understand such concepts, however, nothing could be further from truth, because we humans are also gentle beings – we deserve natural goodness that can be found through nature, and our skin surely does not deserve to be bombarded with such harsh chemicals as can be found in some commercially made soaps.

Handmade Soaps are Naturally Natural

Artisan soapers (crafters of hand-made soaps) will allow you complete transparency when it comes to finding out how your soap is made and exactly what goes into it. Handmade natural soaps come with all the goodness that nature has to offer, and contain no lab-concocted artificial ingredients. This translates to an honest-to-goodness soaping-up experience.

Moisturised Skin

A weird thing that happens when making soaps commercially is that the soaps are stripped of their essential glycerin – which is used for making lotions and moisturizing products. This then leads to your skin drying out so you now need to buy a moisturizer. Natural soaps not only have glycerin in them, but some of our range of handmade soaps have natural moisturising goodness (for example: Floral Oils and Shea Butter Soap) which allows your skin to be nourished and to receive a naturally luxurious softening effect.

Crafted With Love

Because handcrafted soaps are created in small batches, there’s a wide variety of smells and natural ingredients available for wide range of benefits. That means, industrial machines aren’t used for your handmade soap, but rather each is touched with careful mixtures “by hand”

Natural Soaps Have Medicinal and Healing Properties

Whether a natural handmade soap has honey, goats milk, lavender, or seaweed in it, they offer superior healing and medicinal properties that you won’t find in your grocery store or supermarket shelves. Nature’s own recipes inspire soapers to create soaps that can nourish your skin, and even help sooth certain skin conditions. Calming soaps Sweet Rose and Patchouli, or Lavender and Bamboo Silk for relaxation, just cannot be experienced with commercially made soaps.

Handcrafted Soaps Support Our Environment

Artisan and home crafted products were abundant before the rise of industrial scale factories and corporations. These large companies dominated the production of many cosmetics and as a result they made small artisan businesses suffer simply because they could mass produce chemically laden products for cheaper, which resulted in some people flocking to buy those products. However, the last couple of years has seen the artisan and craft community make a come-back, and so bring their skilfully crafted products back into the limelight.

With our planet’s finite resources, we are borrowing too much from our next generation’s needs. We must change our ways by recycling and being kinder to our environment. One way we can all contribute towards a better environment is by using natural and handmade soaps which also have the additional benefits of gentle cleansing properties and natural goodness. We here at Donnta Natural Luxury Skincare encourage all our website visitors to support our fragile environment by buying from soapers who craft natural and handmade soaps. We also encourage you to check our range of luxury handmade soaps here.

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