Why Donnta


Our passion lies in providing you with beautifully pure, beautifully natural, best quality, cold processed soaps made with utmost care. Our final product, rather than containing substances made from synthetics or other harmful chemicals, contain only gentle ingredients. This simplicity in production means that you will notice immediately how the quality of the essential oils, botanicals, clays, spices, plant oils and teas can massage, nourish and cleanse your skin naturally.

The only part of the process which involves an ingredient which is not purely natural is when lye is added to the mix. This ingredient must be used in the creation of all bar-soaps as it allows the oils and liquids to mix and also gives the soap it’s cleaning power. (Just to let you know; if lye is not used, then by definition it is no longer a soap but rather a synthetic detergent bar).

However, at the end of the meticulously prepared ‘saponification’ process, all chemicals are transformed and only fabulous natural soap remains for you to enjoy using.

What you often find in commercial soaps are a cocktail of additive ingredients which are probably best avoided where possible. This is where our soaps really STAND OUT. As much as possible, our soap’s ingredients are locally sourced – whether that be seaweed from the shores of the wild Atlantic coastline, goat’s milk or honey or organic oats from neighbouring farms. All other ingredients come from ethical and sustainable sources and are NON-GMO and are also PALM-FREE. As you will agree, that is a great news for our fragile environment.

All in all, rest assured, you are getting a product which is gently natural, which means it’s good for your skin and also kind to the environment. Simply press on the button to browse our full range of products